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Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound

Pet Grooming Policy


Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound & Washington State Law requires your pet(s) to have current rabies vaccination for all pets being groomed. We highly recommend that each pet be under the care of veterinarian for all recommended vaccinations (i.e. distemper, hepatitis, para-influenza adenovirus type 2, parvovirus, corona, leptospirosis, and Bordetella). Your pet must have a current Rabies vaccination, by Washington State law. Proof is required, by law.


Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound’s philosophy is to offer a stress-free grooming experience for your loved pet. We pay special attention to all pets but specifically to pets that are older or with health issues. Your groomer has been trained to recognize and deal with aggressive, fearful, sick and overly stressed pets. We occasionally encounter pets that absolutely refuse to be groomed or are too dangerous to groom. Your pet’s health & safety is our first priority.

Your pet may escape or sustain injury while undergoing grooming activities due to excessive stress. The pet owner will be held responsible for any bites that may require medical treatment and for any property damage caused by their pet. AUSSIE PET MOBILE® & Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound does not use any type of tranquilizers on any pet. We will never force a pet to endure a grooming step that the pet is too frightened to endure. Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound is not legally allowed to administer any sort of sedative/tranquilizers to any pet.


Shaving a pet often exposes pre-existing skin conditions. In the situation an animal is matted; sores, cuts, abrasions and sensitive skin will typically be exposed once shaven.This is a health crisis. If possible, we will de-mat your pet. In order to prevent inhumane discomfort and/or pain to the pet, your groomer will shave down your pet if severely matted. A matted coat can cause numerous health concerns including itching, irritation, and skin infections. Removing a matted coat includes risks of nicks, cuts and abrasions due to sensitive skin, warts, moles and skin folds trapped and hidden in the mats and Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound will not be responsible or financially liable for such injuries.

Shaving a pet often exposes pre-existing skin conditions. Many times the skin is so sore that the clippers may cut the skin, especially while taking mats off unhealthy pets, old dogs and cats. We are clipping live animals that move and may feel pain attributed to the dematting. Heavy matting can also trap moisture near the pet’s skin allowing fungus or bacteria to grow causing skin irritations that exist prior to the grooming process. AUSSIE PET MOBILE® & Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound are not responsible for any conditions or injury that may happen during the grooming and dematting process. You understand that shaving can be required and injury can occur. AUSSIE PET MOBILE® and Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound will not pay veterinary bills associated with any portion of the groom or dematting service. Pet owners who have pets with matted coats will pay an additional fee.

Typical drying of a pet may be hindered by the pet’s inability to cooperate or an adverse reaction to our dryer. If we are able to do portions of the groom but not all, you will be charged for the portions completed. By engaging our services you agree to this policy.


AUSSIE PET MOBILE® cannot be held liable for skin, eye, or ear irritations that can occur due to shampoo sensitivity or underlying/emerging conditions. Our shampoos are professional grade high quality PH Balanced, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Eyes: Despite using care while trimming hair around the eyes, eye irritation can occur if a hair particle enters the eye; pets may scratch at their eyes with their feet and create further irritation. We cannot be responsible for this type of self-inflicted injury. Ears: We clean ears with professional pet ear cleaner. This can reveal underlying ear infections; we cannot be responsible for existing or emerging health issues.


The groomer will inform you if your pet’s groom needs to be discontinued. If your pet cannot be groomed for any reason, a $75 trip fee will apply.

We require 48 hours notice to change or cancel any appointment. Failure to cancel 48 hours in advance will result in a $75 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card on file. No shows will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. The credit card on file will be charged at the no show time. Any no show unpaid must be paid before a reschedule is allowed. Our groomers work on commissions and tips, so please give us as much notice as you can when rescheduling. Giving advance notice is very much appreciated!

We pride ourselves on professional services offered. If we make a mistake we will always attempt to correct it, at no cost. No Refunds, all sales are final.

Credit cards, and checks are accepted. If NSF, a service charge of $75 for a returned check will be assessed and checks will no longer be accepted from a NSF customer. No Refunds.

Tipping the groomer is at your discretion but very much appreciate! 100% of the tip goes to the staff!