Aussie’s Summer Pet Safety Reminders

August 6 is National Friendship Day and a great time to think about your very best friends, the wonderful pets that make up your extended family. With the heat of Summer upon us, here are some reminders to help keep your four-legged buddies safe and happy. Never, ever leave your dog in a hot car. We all love to take our pets with us, but on hot days, do what is best for them and leave them home. It only takes minutes for a pet to die in a car parked in the sun. Make sure your pet always has...[Read More]

Aussie Pet Mobile Honors Top Groomers

Aussie Pet Mobile Honors Top Groomers Tara Nicaise from Seattle, WA. Aussie Pet Mobile employs hundreds of Pet Groomers all over the USA. We believe that our wonderful Groomers are among the best in the world. Every year we honor the best of the best and award one of our hard-working Groomers our Aussie Pet Mobile Groomer of the Year award. It takes a special type of person to be a successful Aussie Pet Mobile Groomer. Grooming is hard work and our Groomers maintain the highest of standards. Since Aussie Pet Mobile never uses cages at any time in our...[Read More]

Every Month, Old Dog Haven Has 300 Dogs In Final Refuge Foster Homes, You Can Help Us Help One More!

Every Month, Old Dog Haven Has 300 Dogs In Final Refuge Foster Homes, You Can Help Us Help One More!   Benny was 11 years old when I started grooming him for Old Dog Haven.  He had been rescued from the side of the road and was blind, had terrible infections in his mouth (eventually had all his diseased teeth removed), mostly deaf and very close to being feral.  He was so afraid that he would try to get away or bite anyone trying to groom him. You couldn’t go near his front feet to clip nails, couldn’t shave his...[Read More]

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day Cards Click on the images below to view the full image and print.

Prevent Dog Barking

Prevent Dog Barking With cold weather upon us, your dogs are more likely to be indoors. With being inside, your dogs may become anxious and start barking. Here are some simple tips from Aussie Pet Mobile on how to help prevent unwarranted barking: Keep them active. Go for a walk or play around the house to help tire out your pup. A tired dog is likely to be less anxious about noises or commotion and less likely to bark. Provide some entertainment while you are gone. Find a fun, safe toy that is likely to keep them busy for a...[Read More]

Holiday Family Photos With Your Pets!

Holiday Family Photos With Your Pets! This is the time of year when everybody wants to take family photos.  Your pet is an important part of the family.  Here are some tips for creating memorable family photos with your beloved pets. If you are going to use a professional photographer, make sure they are pet-friendly! You can judge this from their studio or website. If you are going to take your own photos, know your equipment. Many modern cameras can work remotely, or even work with a smart phone so you can be in the photos and control the timing....[Read More]

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